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Sep 16, 2018  

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Green Street Roulette

“In addition, there appears to be an opportunity to include a few market rate units (about 10%), which would optimize the potential of the site and produce additional income that will further support the below-market workforce housing units.” The project also argues that it deserves a more substantial tax abatement deal because not only does it satisfy recently approved legislation to push abatements for more affordable and workforce housing development, it does so without the benefit of many market rate apartments to buoy the financial burden. “The Green Street Redevelopment Project requests a much more aggressive program for affordable housing, which, should in turn, justify a more aggressive abatement schedule,” the proposal reads. “This new supply of affordable and diverse housing will make a significant contribution toward the need for affordable housing and the proposed PILOT schedule represents an important and worthwhile investment and subsidy by the City and others.” Green Street Garage Mixed-Use Redevelopment Submission by Peak Campus, Ithaca Properties The first ones to plant their flag at the Green Street summit, Ithaca-Peak’s proposal hasn’t changed very much since it was first introduced, besides converting a few more units to “affordable” status, going from 38 units to 41, and reducing the proposed rental rates of those units from 90 percent of AMI to 75 percent. They do specifically note a willingness to negotiate those numbers with the city (most likely an acknowledgement they will have to move that number of units farther up if they want to receive a tax abatement thanks to the recent reforms requiring 20 percent of units be affordable for consideration). Otherwise, though, the development team seems pretty comfortable with the March incarnation of their project. They still have 404 units, easily the largest housing supply addition, with 620 beds and a focus on graduate students and young professionals from the nearby universities -- the only project, perhaps it’s relevant to mention, that is stating that focus publicly.

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The Moment Lad Put 42,670 Winnings On Black At The Roulette Table

Jake Cody won a pay-out of £42,670 ($59,992) at the Dusk Till Dawn casino in Nottingham before deciding that wasn't enough and heading to the roulette table - with fellow player Ant Samuel capturing the scenes on video. The man has stones. Cody had finished top of the £2,200 high roller event, coming away with the trophy and the highest winnings from a four way deal when the event reached the final table. While most of us would have celebrated a job well done by buying a bottle of bubbly and heading out on the lash, Cody decided to wager his trophy and his £42,000 winnings on the roulette table instead in front of a massive crowd. . @JakeCody won the UKPC High Roller for £42,670 (~$60K)... and then put it *all* on black! https://t.co/ZbWp4CTNRq pic.twitter.com/9QL5ceE3uO - PokerNews (@PokerNews) February 26, 2018 With Cody plumping for black and the crowd chanting in support, the owner of Dusk Till Dawn himself - Rob Yong - was the one to spin the ball and decide Cody's fate. As it turned out, the ball fell on Black 22, meaning that Cody landed himself a cool £85,340 ($119,882). As you can expect, absolute bedlam ensued. Bet Cody had a sore head this morning from all the drinks he must have bought.

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