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Aug 27, 2018  
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The calculus of cheaper military comms satellites

THOMAS: The goal of Blackjack is to prove you can leverage commercial approaches with potentially lower costs, lower cycle times, lower times for design and build. It also comes with the issue that we’re not directing the approach to building the bus, we’re not directing how the constellation is put together for these folks; therefore, the rest is getting the government itself to do that match and to put our systems into play in a way that marches in lockstep with them without directing their commercial elements will play. That brings risk. We have to learn how to do business a little different than it’s been done in the past, and to move a little quicker than the government has in the past. C4ISRNET: So, there’s no risk of LEO being too crowded to accommodate more constellations? THOMAS: No. Well, I wouldn’t say no risk, there’s always risk, the mega constellations that you’re starting to see FCC filings for look like they’re going to put hundreds, and some of them into the 10,000-plus range, and that’s certainly going to be a challenge and it’s going to be a risk. Fortunately, we have air traffic control systems on the ground that cover large numbers of aircraft in the air at any given time. We haven’t actually taken that step into how to manage large numbers of spacecraft in space yet, but we believe that all the technology is there and it’s just a matter of implementing an area where the government is going to be tracking what the commercial folks are doing.

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Marine RQ-21 Blackjack Drones Are Flying Three Times More Than Expected In Iraq and Syria

It’s yet another example of the insatiable appetite for aerial intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance support across the U.S. military , as well as a desire within the Marines to better integrate the drones into the service’s operations as intelligence gathering and electronic warfare platforms , and more. In February 2018, the Pentagon approved a U.S. Navy request to reallocate nearly $18 million from other portions of the 2016 and 2017 fiscal year defense budgets to support Marine Corps RQ-21 operations. This included pulling funding from the U.S.

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